FileZilla Not Showing Transfer Speed: The Solution

In the past few days, i used FileZilla to browse a FTP and i noticed something strange.

Normally when transfer is in progress, the transfer queue would show a progress bar and current transfer speed. But now, it didn’t show anything and just a gap between filename being transferred. After a quick search, there’s an article about the possible solution to this problem.

The site suggest the following solution:

  1. Try to pause the ‘process queue’ and start it again.
  2. Export the ‘process queue’ via ‘File – Export..‘, give checklist on ‘Export Queue’ only, and save it.
  3. Quit FileZilla and start it again. Import the ‘process queue’ and it should show the progress bar as normally it would.

Using the above solution, it solves my problem (thankfully). But what if it didn’t solve the problem?

In the original article, it also mentions what if the above solution didn’t work and suggest reader to do a graphic card driver update. Although it may seem strange, the former solution is also strange (at least to me).

Original Article: Question Defense

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One Response to FileZilla Not Showing Transfer Speed: The Solution

  1. themezz says:

    This worked for me with 3.25.1
    Thanks do much for posting this – I was not otherwise able to solve this myself.
    very awesome.

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