FileZilla Not Showing Transfer Speed: The Solution

In the past few days, i used FileZilla to browse a FTP and i noticed something strange.

Normally when transfer is in progress, the transfer queue would show a progress bar and current transfer speed. But now, it didn’t show anything and just a gap between filename being transferred. After a quick search, there’s an article about the possible solution to this problem.

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x264 CPU scaling


So, i google’d about 32-bit vs 64-bit performance on x264 and look what i’ve found, a full benchmark and comparison between number of core(s), die-shrink, and architecture (Intel vs AMD).

x264 CPU Benchmark Results

Although it might be outdated, but it gives general performance of x264 within different CPU(s).

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Bezel Correction for wallpaper

Just a few days ago, i bought my second monitor. it’s identical to my main monitor which is Samsung SyncMaster 740N. It has 5:4 aspect ratio and i prefer that over 16:9 LCD which has < 900 horizontal pixel. But, my first experience with dualscreen is ridden with problem and one of the problem is stretched wallpaper.

With multi-monitor, wallpaper (or things in general) seems to jump between monitor with no regards with the bezel. because of this, graphic which displayed on both monitor will be seen unnatural. such example is this:

One way to address this is with Bezel Compensation and some company like ATI has implemented it on their display configuration. But, some of us don’t have the luxury of new video card and i’ll show you how to do bezel compensation to your wallpaper so that it looks right and natural.

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